day 365

The last day of 2010 with my cute little family.
It has been an amazing and a crazy year...
and these people made every moment worth it.

Farewell, 2010!


day 364

Lookin' preggy!
(me at almost 20 weeks...we're half-way, baby!)

day 363

Hot-tubbin' with Daddy.

day 362

Having a bath in Grandma's tub!

day 361

Payton lost her first tooth today!!
She has been waiting to loose a tooth and got so stressed and worked up about it because it was so loose...
then she just popped it out on her own and was all smiles again.
So exciting for this little 6 year old!

day 360

The silly Audenart cousins all ready to open presents!

day 359

Merry Christmas!
(the aftermath on Christmas morning)

day 358

Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve!
We had our own little family Christmas this year and it was so much fun...
Graham made his first turkey and it was fabulous!
Love my little family so much.

day 357

And now it's gingerbread man time!
This week off of school before Christmas has been tricky...
I've really had to plan my days to make sure the kids are entertained!

day 356

Gifts for Santa.

day 355

Decorating our gingerbread house...they each got their own side to decorate.
(and yes, Gabby's been living in these pj's day in and day out!)

day 354

Forget the brand new Barbie house she got for her birthday...
it's the paper dolls that were quite the hit!

day 353

She was being very shy while the waiters sang her Happy Birthday...
I love how Papa's trying to crack a smile out of her!

day 352

Look who's SIX!!!
Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl!

day 351

I came to Payton's grade one class this morning to make a Christmas ornament
and bring treats for her birthday.
So much fun!

day 350

I stayed up till 10pm making these babies for Payton to bring to school tomorrow...
took a long time to make, but they were worth it!

day 349

She was being sooo silly when she was opening her presents...
totally cracked everyone up!

day 348

Celebrating her birthday a little early with the family.
(The cake was melting from sitting out too long...oh, well!)

day 347

Decorating the playschool Christmas tree.

day 346

"And Santa was his name-HO!"
(Gabby sang this song so was hilairious!)